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BabbaG "Baba Purnanand Bharati"

True Friend Of Seekers
Babba G ''Baba Purnanand Bharati''
Bhagawan "Swami Brahm Vedant"
Swami Yog Chinmay (Osho Disipile)


Baba has been an Osho sanyasin since 1977. Thirteen months after taking sanyas, On 21 Aug 1979 while sitting under a bananatree with friends he experienced his "happening" which over a short period of time blossomed into enlightenment.

Baba comes from Indore, India where he has a wife and grown family of five children. He now spends much of his time traveling India, Europe and Australia where he holds meditation camps. When you get to know Baba you will find there is nothing better than to sit in silence with him or enjoy his laughter and singing.


Baba is known since long time by many lovers and seekers from India and around the world. Osho gave him the name Sw. Purnanand Bharti. After some visits in Poona and a year of total intense meditation he found realisation of the Inner Self. It took him months to integrate this spontaneous happening in his body and finally the touch of Osho in an energy darshan was helpful to complete this process. Since that time Baba was and is surrounded by many friends who enjoy his presence and his guidance. About 12 years ago he started travelling alsoand Meditation, enjoying the Self. He is leading many meditation retreats, 3 to 4 daily silent sittings, personal advices and the sponta in Europe and Australia. Mainly German, Italian and Australian friends are waiting for his yearly visits and celebrating his presence and the meditation (also in India). One could state his message in following words: Silence neous celebrations with Kirtan allowing many possibilities for deep experiences of one's inner nature. Being in his presence and in meditation is a most beautiful and joyous way of touching one's own depth and true nature. His hometown is Indore where also his family is living. In 2002 the new ashram at Indore countryside was opened and developed into a beautiful oasis of nature and silence. To give space for more expansion this Ashram was sold in 2007 and big place in Gujarat at the Narmada River was bought to create an opportunity for many people to live there in harmony of truth and meditation. this ashrm is Now ready 4silence retreats, and it will be availeble for us in october  2010.  that time BABA is availebele for silence retreat from octobar middle to march end.  come and  celibrate the silence ..Dates are not conferme and ashram is not having too mucch space for more than 30 people, so before coming here you should contact ashram athorties for knowing dates and place. 


Sing sit n walk With Baba
Baba is available for seekers in Rishikesh (india), Australia and Germany. Baba Sit with us in meditation, he sing with us in kirtan n walk with us in morning and evening.  
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Baba's Narmada Asharam:-

Upanishad Dhyan Yog Kendra

How To Get Baba's Narmada Asharam :
Nearest Airport: Vadodara(100km), Ahmedabad (250km)

Nearest Railway station: Vadodara, Surat (there are many trains from Delhi and Mumbai for vadodara and Surat.)

Nearest Bus Station : Rajpipala ( From Vadodara and Surat there are Government buses running after every hour.)

Taxi: You can have taxi from vadodara airport or railway station it will charge around 1700 Rupees.

For any assistance You can call me.

Friends if you want emidiete information about Babba G.
for more info and bookings contact Ashram manager
 Anand :mail :
Phone : Anand 0091 – 9638604623

              Ma Rekha 0091- 9727072649